About Lamplit

During my childhood visits with my grandfather, I spent time in his shop and watched him work. Between cuts and sips of iced coffee, he’d tell me about what he was doing and why.

Many years later, after traveling and working all over the world, I returned home to North Carolina and reunited with my grandfather. It was a rediscovery of working with my hands. It was as if twenty years were brushed aside and I was in love with the smells and sounds of the woodshop again.

Now I have a family with two children. My wife and I want to provide for them and show them the benefits of hard work and patience, and woodworking is one of the ways we hope to do both.

Now let’s talk about us. Lamplit and you, I mean. We accumulate things throughout our lives, but how many of those things are keepers? How many are heirlooms? How many of our things do we cherish and know we’ll pass on to future generations?

When so many things are machine-made and mass-produced, we want to do our small part to bring back a personal touch. We want to provide you with something one-of-a-kind, made just for you. Something that will become part of your story.